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Daoyin Yangsheng Gong 12 Methods (website)

This is the official video of the Daoyin Shi Er Fa (twelve daoyin technics)
of master Zhang Guangde and Chinese Health Qigong Association.

Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong 12 Method - Health Qigong

Dao yin Yang Sheng gong 12 Fa is part of the system of Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong /Medical Qigong and Health Qigong Series. It is created by one of china's most famous Chi King Master Professor Zhang Guang De, Creator of Daoyin Yang Sheng Gong system, by the invitation of the Chinese Health Qigong Association as a set to be promoted throughout the world.

This is an excellent form for promoting health, vitality, mindfulness, longevity and happiness. The form is demonstrated by Master Faye Yip, one of the most highly regarded Tai Chi & Qigong Teachers in the UK and Europe. She is the founder of Deyin Taijiquan Institute, Technical Panel of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain and President of the British Health Qigong Association.


42-gecombineerde wedstrijd-vorm

32 step Simplified sword by Master Faye YIp

YouTube - Size of Circles
This is a clip made for Master Kristanto's students to explain the size of circles. It was filmed in Cora van Geel's studio in Holland in April 2008,



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